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About T.Jacket

T.Jacket is a wearable technology vest that provides customizable deep touch pressure hugs that help calm and comfort people who are anxious or stressed, improving their coping ability and attentiveness. 

The vest uses adjustable air pressure compression that is controlled automatically via a smartphone/tablet/iPhone/iPad app. A built-in sensor in the vest monitors user movement activity (sitting, standing, walking, rocking and running) which is an indicator of arousal levels, to help track if user’s arousal regulation falls within the optimal band. This also helps to track the progress the user makes in on-seat behaviour.

Developed in collaboration with senior occupational therapists, university researchers, clinical psychologists and educators, T.Jacket has helped people who are sensory seeking and/or sensory over-responsive

T.Jacket helps sensory seeking children and adults settle down quickly and improve attentiveness during seated activities (for examples: reading, writing, drawing, other fine-motor activities, speech therapy sessions, meal-times etc). It also helps sensory over-responsive individuals take control and cope in situations where they may feel stressed and anxious (eg: crowded places, shopping malls, public transport, restaurants etc).