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“T.Jacket is an innovative solution to help children with sensory issues. I would definitely recommend it to my fellow Occupational Therapists to explore with their clients. It would be great if more people can have access to this innovation and benefit from it.”

–  M.S.M Occupational Therapist, Singapore
M.S.M is an occupational therapist working in one of the largest NGO special education schools in Singapore


Jimmy*, a usually hyperactive and very enthusiastic 10 years old child diagnosed with autism, participated in a children’s camp organized by 1gniter.  He sometimes displays stimming behavior, and there is a need to help him keep calm.

During an art therapy session – he got so frustrated that he tore his first piece of art (see Picture A). When he used T.Jacket, he immediately calmed down and completed a new piece of art (see Picture B). This is a major difference compared to before he uses the T.Jacket where he displayed anger and frustration through his drawing.

TJacket_Jimmy Drawing 1

Picture A

TJacket_Jimmy Drawing 2

Picture B







“Existing deep pressure vests in the market have limitations such as being heavy and unattractive, or having fixed pressure and size. The T.Jacket has the potential to overcome these problems through a clever combination of design and technology.”

– Alex Liau, Director, Nurture Pods. Singapore
Alex Liau is a Clinical Director, Certified EIBI/ABA Consultant, Certified RDI Consultant and Guest Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic for Diploma in Child Psychology & Early Education and Bachelors of Science (Early Childhood Education and Leadership).


“As soon as I put the jacket on one of my clients, he smiled instantly and now comes home from school and asks for it to be put on. It works better than the weighted vest because the children or parent can regulate the strength of the ‘hug’ and it doesn’t feel as heavy to wear. Also, it has been made in such a way that it it is inconspicuous so kids don’t have to feel embarrassed to wear it.”

– Karina D. Barley, Special Needs Educator, Australia
Karina Barley is an internationally recognized educational consultant specializing in the needs of Autistic children and their families. She has over 25 years of expertise as an educator, private one-on-one consultant, course developer and educational technology specialist.

“I like the pressure (the T.Jacket provides), it feels good and is strong enough.

– Temple Grandin, Ph.D
Professor at Colorado State University and autism activist, USA

Temple Grandin is well-known activist for autism and inventor of the Squeeze Machine, which was the inspiration behind the T.Jacket. We had a great and humbling experience to let the highly respected Dr. Grandin tried the T.Jacket at Autism Society National Conference.

“With T.Jacket, fewer teachers are needed to manage the same number of students. The T.Jacket cloud has the potential to be extremely useful in tracking the progress of the students.”

-Ivy Chew
Special Needs Interventionist. CEO & founder of 1gniter. Singapore

Parents & Caregivers

“I can see when the jacket is operating that my son’s body language is not as stiff or tight and his face more relaxed, he is certainly much easier to negotiate and compromise with. It’s fashionable for a young man to wear and not obvious that there is a device tucked inside, assisting him to cope better with his anxiety. I think it’s wonderful!! Such a simple idea and yet so effective.”

-Clare Miles
Parent of boy with Autism. Australia.

“Using T.Jacket indoors helped my nephew settle down faster to do his homework. We also tried it in an outdoor setting at the supermarket. He used to cover his eyes and keep very close to his parents. But with T.Jacket, he managed to distance himself from his parents and even pushed the trolley happily on his own. He didn’t cover his eyes and independently selected products off the shelf.”

– Mr Phuang
Uncle of boy with Autism. Malaysia.

“When Jo is running around at home, I will tell him to put the jacket on and he will settle down after feeling the pressure. Jo prefers the T.Jacket much more than the weighted vest and I hope he can use the T.Jacket independently in the near future.”

– Mary F.N.

Mother of boy with ASD. Singapore

“Jonathan enjoys the comfortable feeling of wearing T.Jacket. He is able to control the jacket on his own and likes the design of the jacket. The pressure from the jacket helps him to calm down.”

-Francesca Tan
Aunt and caregiver. Singapore