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I am amazed by my daughter’s transformation after a season of Occupational Therapy under Ms Regina. She has blossomed and grew so much more confident. Her learning has improved and I am now much more at ease with her learning. Previously, I was at a loss. Regina has helped us greatly, I like how she worked closely with me and the school teachers to facilitate my child’s learning. I will recommend her service to anyone looking for a therapist to help in overcoming child’s development and learning challenges.

Mother of 5-year-old *Isabelle, who has mild writing and reading difficulties

We like how Alison (Principal Occupational Therapist), is open to sharing ideas and knowledge on how to help our son better. She also works together with our son’s school teacher to assist him to function and blossom in mainstream preschool. We look forward to witnessing our child grow under her care.

— Parents of 4 year-old *Abel who has mild Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Our son looks forward to his Speech Therapy sessions with Grace. She is his favourite teacher! In a few months, my son has changed for the better, he is now able to speak in complete sentences and his vocabulary has expanded tremendously! Grace is a dedicated and loving therapist. We are thankful that she worked closely with us and helped our son reach this new breakthrough.

—  Parents of 4 year-old *Jeremy, who has speech delay.

I am very happy with the services of SG Kids Therapy. They are a nice and professional team who goes the extra mile to ensure our child develop and grow under their care. My son sees both the Speech therapist and Occupational therapist and their combined efforts have helped him stay in mainstream preschool. This is a team who will work hand-in-hand with the school teachers and parents, who is open with their sharing and always keen to help our son in his progress.”

— Mother of 6 year-old *Kelvin, who has speech and developmental delays.


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Ms. Preeti simply put was  excellent. Right upfront at the start of the sessions, our child got quite comfortable with her as she made the experience so much more fun alongside the learning which I think says a lot about her persona.

Alex would eagerly wait for the sessions every week, such was her level of engagement. She was very thorough with her strategies and used to regularly take feedback from parents on their application and would also suggest alternatives if certain strategies didn’t work. During the course of our interaction she came across as a really experienced professional with her attention to little details and observations on the child’s behaviour which really said a lot about her commitment.

We have been very lucky and happy to have had Ms. Preeti mentor our child in Speech and Language development. We wish her all success!

— Father of 5 year-old *Alex, who has speech and developmental delays.

This is the team to go to if you are looking for seamless transition between OT, ST and preschool. They work well with teachers and parents to enhance the development of children under their care. A professional and caring team with a big heart, their passion in working with children and advocating for inclusion in mainstream preschool is commendable!

— Principal of local preschool that SG Kids Therapy partner with.

*names have been changed to protect child’s privacy